Event & Promo 2013

Ms. Chipau Malaysia 2013

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Ms Chipau Malaysia will be glamorous, popular amount Chinese Beauty Pageant in Malaysia & the Whole World which will be traditionally held every year during cultural and festive activities.

From our Study , Ms Chipau will be responds good especially Malaysian Chinese community and certainly support by Malaysia Government , Media and participants from all races & nations

The Miss Chipau participants are open to all nations regardless of races who age from 17 to 30 years old , Single with minimum height 160 cm.
Mrs Chipau participants are open to all nations too regards of races from age 25 to 50 years old. Married or Single mother with minimum height 160cm. They will be parade in chipau wear provide by the organizer , to showcase their talents, to visit places of interest in Malaysia. There will be no swimwear require in the Miss & Mrs Qipau Beauty Pageant

Miss Chipau Malaysia 2013 Grand Final
Venue : Borneo Rain Forest, Opposite Sunway Hotel & Spa
Date : 22nd Feb 2013
Time : 7-11pm

Vern’s is proud to be the official Ladies Shoes for Miss Chipau Malaysia 2013